Our Advisory Committee


Tristan Espinoza

Chairman and Board Member

Tristan Espinoza is from outside Dallas, Texas and is a citizen of the Osage Nation. Tristan currently attends Columbia University with a major in Political Science. In 2017, Tristan began his political work by joining Princeton’s Mayor’s Youth Council to help represent his Hispanic and Native communities in urban city planning. In 2019, Tristan was elected to serve on the Congressional Youth Advisory Council for Congressman Van Taylor to help bring his perspective on a state-wide scale. At the age of 16, Tristan then organized a peaceful unification for Black Lives Matter in his small, rural town. The first of its kind in Princeton’s history, Tristan was then able to change his local government by helping get new city officials elected that better represented the community. During his first year at Columbia, Tristan was appointed Marketing Deputy and Social Media Manager for ColumbiaVotes where he helped bring more civil engagement to the Morningside Heights community. Tristan currently resides in Indigehouse – the first Columbia residential building for Indigenous students and the largest space in all of Manhattan for the Indigenous community. In his spare time, Tristan plays for the Columbia University Rugby Football Club, writes a column for the Columbia Daily Spectator, and likes to watch Survivor.