Director of Digital Communications

Isabella Texeira-Ramos is a young Native Hawaiian passionate about creating a brighter future for marginalized communities. A high achieving student, Isabella is currently a senior at Peggy Payne Academy hosted on McClintock High School’s campus and is very involved in her school community. A cellist of six years, Isabella plays in her school’s Chamber orchestra and holds the position of PR Officer for her Orchestra Council. As a dedicated member of her community, Isabella can be found spending time volunteering within the city of Tempe to help support those not so different from herself. She holds strong to the belief that through persistent and powerful advocacy, the people and causes that have long been pushed to the side will not only be represented and supported but celebrated. 

Isabella uses her free time to express herself through artistic venues such as theater, spending time with family and friends, and experience the world. This fall, Isabella will be attending Harvard University.