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Sunrise in Hunts Mesa navajo tribal maje

What Is The Indigenous Peoples' Initiative?

The Indigenous Peoples’ Initiative (IPI) is a youth-led organization located in Arizona that is working to combat the stereotypes and stigmatism that plagues Native American communities. Through Education and Advocacy it is our hope that we can provide the necessary tools to youth and leaders to better suit themselves and communities to create a stronger and brighter future. It is through collaboration and unity that we can inspire positive change and work to favorably impact marginalized communities.

The Indigenous Peoples' Initiative welcomes President Jonathan Nez as Chair of the Indigenous Advisory Committee and Ex-officio board member


Year In Review 


Thank you for helping contribute to the growth of the Indigenous Peoples' Initiative. We wish you a happy new year. 

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Press Releases

Read the latest press releases issued by the Indigenous Peoples' Initiative.

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