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What Is The Indigenous Peoples' Initiative?

The Indigenous Peoples’ Initiative (IPI) is a youth-led organization located in Arizona that is working to combat the stereotypes and stigmatism that plagues Native American communities. Through Education and Advocacy it is our hope that we can provide the necessary tools to youth and leaders to better suit themselves and communities to create a stronger and brighter future. It is through collaboration and unity that we can inspire positive change and work to favorably impact marginalized communities.


Indigenous Peoples' day

See Dylan Baca, Indigenous Peoples' Initiative board president and Governor Stephen Lewis of the Gila River Indian Community give an address to the people of Arizona and people across our nation about Indigenous Peoples' day.


Press Releases


Press Release

The following press release was issued on February 15, 2021, in regards to a February 11th meeting with Arizona's Italian American Organization. for more information please contact the IPI

Our newest board member, Clara Pratte

The following press release was issued by the Indigenous Peoples' Initiative, Introducing Ms. Clara Pratte as our newest member of the IPI governing board.

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Breach of The U.S. Capitol

We believe democracy and the principles of democracy being upheld is a vital part of our country.  We look forward to a stronger more united future for our country. The IPI board issued the following statement in response to the breach of the US Capitol.

our newest board member Felecia Rotellini

The following press release was issued by the Indigneous Peoples' Initiative introducing Chairwoman Felecia Rotellini as our newest member of our governing board.


Press Release For Indigenous Peoples' day

The following press release was issued by board president Dylan Baca and vice president Madeline Jones on Indigenous Peoples' day.

Press conference at the Heard Museum

On September 29th, the Indigenous Peoples' Initiative hosted a press conference at the Heard Museum to officially recognize the proclamation signed by Arizona Governor Doug Ducey. In addition, the IPI officially announced state and federal legislation for the replacement of Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples' Day.


Governor Ducey Proclamation

Please read the following proclamation issued by Governor Doug Ducey of Arizona Proclaiming October 12th (Columbus Day) Indigenous Peoples' Day.